My husband and I own a home in Washington state. You know…where it is grey and rainy all the time. Ok, that’s not exactly true. But why would we spend the time and money to upgrade our home to a solar power system in a state with the second lowest electricity rate (6.94 cents per kilowatt hour kWh) in the country? Californians, for example, pay two or four times what we do for electricity per kWh and are also often consuming more power thanks to record temperatures, larger homes, air conditioning running April through November, swimming pools, electric and hybrid cars, and more.

Here are a few of the many reasons people might choose to switch to solar power for their home or commercial building:


  1. The cost of electricity for U.S. homeowners has gone up 28 of the past 30 years, with an almost 40% increase in the last decade alone. While electricity rates increase every year, our low solar power per-kWh rate will never increase…never.
  2. Solar systems are a valuable asset. A 2015 study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that that owning a solar system adds value to your home or commercial building.
  3. You own your home, why rent your power?
  4. Back to our often overcast Pacific Northwest skies. Can you still capture and produce solar power with cloudy skies? Absolutely! You won’t be producing as much power…but you’ll still be benefiting from the UV rays.

I love our solar panels!
Panels manufactured by itek Energy in Washington and installed by Ecotech Solar, Bellingham, Washington.

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